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Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)

This assessment method has been devised to assess and measure environmental performance of any type of building - new and existing. It has been updated and expanded since its creation in 1990 to keep in line with current Building Regulations, address different building types and include advances in technology.

Relevant themes of sustainability apply across all stages of a building's life and are dealt with in a number of BREEAM Technical Manuals for each stage of a building's development / operation / refurb and eventual demolition.

Click on the + to reveal how Horne products can address each theme and therefore contribute to the environmental performance score.

Offsite Fabrication
Life Cycle Costing
Energy Use Reduction
Water Consumption
Water Quality
Ease of Maintenance
Maintenance Resources
Inclusive and Accessible Design
Future Adaptions
Construction Waste Management