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Monitoring Kit

Part Number: 71-7377

The Horne monitoring kit can be used for periodically testing the performance of the TMV and also for monitoring site conditions.

The monitoring kit enables the on-site measurement of the following:

  • mixed water temperature at the tap or outlet
  • hot water temperature at the inlet to the HORNE TMV
  • cold water temperature at the inlet to the HORNE TMV
  • hot water supply pressure
  • cold water supply pressure
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The Kit comprises a digital thermometer with immersion and contact probes, two pressure gauges and adaptors to fit into the strainers of the TMV (DN15-DN25 valves only) after removal of the strainer baskets.

Specify Part Number 71-7377 and the valve model numbers to ensure the correct size and design of adaptors are included in the kit, e.g H1501, H1503, H2003, H2501, TSV1-3.

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