Valve Sizing Tool


At Horne Engineering, we design, develop and manufacture products that are innovative, feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective.

For more than 114 years, we have designed many cutting-edge products that have achieved patented status. Our products and service are our reputation and we maintain close relationships with all of our customers. This provides peace of mind, but also allows us to respond quickly to the developing needs of our market. Our engineers continue to push the boundaries, so that our products reflect market needs and even set new standards.

Refining our technology is also a continual process, thus our reputation for performance and reliability is maintained. All of our customers understand that our technology is time-served, mature, reliable and, above all, precise.

Horne Quality is assured. Throughout the manufacturing process, every Horne Tap, TMV and shower valve is exposed to a full performance test.

Ease of installation and maintenance, for optimal performance over an extended lifetime, is also built-in to every design. Essential components, such as check valves and isolating valves, are integrated with the mixing valve to reduce installation times and costs as well as simplifying maintenance procedures.

We can further facilitate a maximised and cost effective lifespan for our installed products via our installation and maintenance advice.