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Low-Level Servicing Valves

Our new range of surface mounted shower panels are constructed of extruded aluminium, which is lightweight, robust and extremely stable.

Its stability as a material has allowed us to improve the design of the shower panels that have integral Type 3 thermostatic mixing valves (i.e. the TSV1-3 shower valve and the Horne 15 TMV).

The position of the isolating ball valves has been lowered and they are now fully accessible from floor level on all TSV1 panels including the AB variants, which utilise WRAS Approved Soft-PEX braided hose inlets through the rear of the panel. Now Integral to the internal thermostatic mixing valve the new servicing ball valve design utilises a pair of couplings to enable their operation with a hex key at the side of the panel.

Servicing the TSV1 and downstream fittings has therefore become significantly easier – the Work at Height regulations no longer apply as there is no need for a ladder to reach the isolating valves and therefore conducting a hot or cold water failure performance test need not pose the risk of getting wet!

You can also sign up to the Maintenance Training area of this website to see narrated video clips showing common TMV and shower valve maintenance procedures.