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On-site Training

As well as face-to-face training sessions, we are also equipped to offer our maintenance training sessions over Zoom. Please read our Zoom-in Maintenance Training Blog for more information.

For larger customers, end-users and FM providers contracted to maintain Horne TMVs, taps and showers, we offer on-site Maintenance Training Seminars.

Our seminar usually lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours and topics covered include commissioning, testing and full valve refurbishment. All the required tools and samples are provided by our trainer and the client provides a suitable room, which can be an office, canteen, workshop or meeting room, with table top and space for attendees to sit around to see the procedures being demonstrated.

The number of attendees is up to the client but typically varies between 3 and 12, depending on the organisation or company. Each attendee receives a certificate of attendance and the feedback from these seminars is always very positive. The dates and times are to suit the client, subject to prior commitments, but a mid-morning start generally brings the proceedings to a natural close at lunch time.

Training Seminars are delivered by your local sales engineer. For Scottish customers, our Applications Engineer, Mike Anderson, usually delivers the training.

Please send us a message via our Contact Page if you would like to arrange a Training Seminar for your team.