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Zoom-in on Maintenance Training

For us, like many others, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to pause many of our usual face-to-face business activities, including our very well-received Maintenance Training Seminars.

For a great number of years Horne has been offering this training, free of charge, to larger customers, end-users and FM service providers.

The very helpful and useful training has clearly been greatly missed and, following a growing number of requests for online delivery, we have invested in the hardware, software, platform subscriptions, cameras and teleprompts (see image carousel).  Not only that, after only a few sessions we are now of the belief that this medium actually improves our customers' learning experience!

Unlike a training room scenario, where each participant's view of valve, or component, being discussed, may differ due to distance or angle, the high resolution cameras give every viewer the same close focus and perspective, and this facilitates increased understanding.

Delivered from our conference room at our factory in Johnstone, this platform also allows us to show precious assets from our archive (those which we would never allow to leave the premises) - for example, our original 1909 valve record book, a recovered steam control valve manufactured in 1929, a selection of archived technical documents and so forth.

Some of our valves are also large, heavy and not overly portable - like the Horne 40 recirculating model mixing valve that John Horne demonstrated to FES staff on Friday.  The Horne 40 and Horne 50 valves are integral components of many ACV condensing boilers, often installed in health centres and care homes.

Please get in touch via our Contact Us page if you would like to arrange a Maintenance Training by Zoom for your team.  We recommend the following product seminar topics:

  • Horne 15 and Horne 20 TMVs, Horne TSV1-3 shower valve
  • Optitherm thermostatic clinical tap & ILTDU
  • Horne 25 group mixing valve
  • Horne 40 (also relevant for Horne 32 and Horne 50 TMVs)

Each session can be easily tailored to your specific needs and will last approximately 1.5 hours, depending on participant numbers and questions.

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Maintenance Support

Optimise performance and maximise the lifespan of your Horne Optitherm thermostatic taps, showers and point-of-use mixing valves.

Click the link to access a full suite of narrated installation and maintenance training videos, plus other instructional resources.

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