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Retrofit Lever Controls

Part Number 5915

The TSV1 lever controls have been developed to meet the requirements of BS 8300 Inclusive Design to enhance user independence and dignity.


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To increase the independence of users with limited hand mobility, the dual levers have been designed to aid operation of the flow and temperature controls of the TSV1-3 dual control shower valve. The levers are specifically moulded to enhance the user's grip whilst rotation of the controls requires minimal torque; rotation using only a clenched fist is relatively easy.



Users with poor sight may also be able to shower independently due to the difference in shape and operation of the two controls. The flow control, a single lever, turns counter-clockwise through 90 degrees to open the flow. The temperature control is a moulded double lever and turns through 360 degrees to increase and decrease the maximum mixed water temperature. Printed markings on each lever also help users to distinguish between the two controls.

To specify lever controls fitted to a new shower panel, simply suffix the required product catalogue with 2L e.g. T108A2L.  Please also see the Related Products list below for examples of shower models that include the lever controls.

A conversion kit (Part Number 5915) is also available to retrofit lever controls in place of the standard control knobs.

Additional written instructions and drawings are available in the Useful Documents section below.

Useful Documents

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