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Support Grab Rails

A lightweight but robust polyester powder-coated anodised aluminium grab or hand rail with fixing plates for wall mounting in accessible sanitary facilities. Mount in any orientation adjacent to Horne Care shower assemblies, accessible bath, basin and WC assemblies. Drawing reference D11395. 675mm long between fixing point centres. To be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Part Numbers

70-6611 - wall-mounted grab rail assembly, white/grey. 675mm long between fixing point centres. For vertical, horizontal or oblique mounting.

70-6612 wall-mounted grab rail assembly, orange/grey. 675mm long between fixing point centres. For vertical, horizontal or oblique mounting.

Designed and manufactured by Horne Engineering Ltd.

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  • 32mm diameter bar
  • Robust yet lightweight powder-coated extruded anodised aluminium bar
  • Durable injection-moulded elbow fittings
  • Available in pure white (RAL 9010, LRV=84) or dementia-friendly deep orange (RAL 2011, LRV=27)
  • Suitable for mounting in any orientation
  • Maximum load 150Kgf
  • Flat surface of elbow for soap/shampoo storage (when in horizontal orientation)

Dementia Care ensuite with T1Y8T42L and wall mounted support grab rails

Mounting Heights for Grab Rails

Recommended* mounting height for grab rails associated with accessible changing areas, shower areas, basins, baths and WCs are given in the table below.

Units are mm above finished floor level, AFFL.

Area / Rail Vertical Rail Horizontal Rail† Other Rail
Changing area 800-1400 680
800 (towel rail)
not applicable
Shower 800-1400 680
800 (towel rail)
not applicable
Hand wash basin 2 No. @ 800-1400
L and R from
basin centreline
not applicable not applicable
WC 2 No. @ 800-1400
470mm L and R
from WC centreline
680 oblique 15°
Bath 680-1180 75-100 above
top edge of bath
oblique 13°
lower fitting at


* Derived from regulatory documents:

  Building Regulations Part M, BS 8300 and HBN 00-02.

† Please note that the mounting height refers to the top edge of the rail and not the height of the fixing points. Horne grab rails are 32mm in diameter, therefore the fixing centres should be 664mm or 784mm above finished floor level.

Inclusive showers

Shower riser rails, aesthetically matching the grab rails, incorporate an Inclusive Design handset holder carriage mechanism with pull tab 'extender'.  These are available mounted directly to the shower panel or as a wall-mounted accessory for our dual-mode shower designs.

For public, self-service accessible and assisted showering / Changing Places facilities, we recommend our T108A2L and related shower models, with optional longer (2m) hose.  Our T1Y8A2L and related models include the riser rail in deep orange to enhance colour and tonal contrast perception for the visually impaired, including by neurological decline (e.g. dementia). Alternatively, dual-mode shower models with manual diverter valve, our T705 range, paired with a wall-mounted riser rail are also suitable for assisted showering in public facilities.  These meet Changing Places guidelines and are practical and intuitive. These models are also suitable for residential and acute care settings.

A further option, practical only for care settings, especially where space for shower provision may be limited, is our T605A2L and related dual-mode showers, paired with the white or deep orange wall-mounted riser rail.  These offer versatility for unsupervised and assisted showering, and feature an automatic flow diverter valve; when the hose is connected at the side of the panel the water flow automatically switches from the fixed shower head (unsupervised shower mode) to the handset, specifically to facilitate assisted showering. It is recommended that care providers control the use of the detachable hose and handset for assisted showering events.




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