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We also manufacture large bore TMVs that can be installed in the plant room for controlling the temperature on a circulating domestic or district hot water system, tempering the distribution temperature to around 60°C.  

Process applications using temperature controlled hot water are almost endless, and hot process water can be generated by mixing hot and cold water or mixing steam with cold water.

Plant Room

District hot water schemes, some using biofuel and others solar energy, are growing in popularity in the UK and are capable of generating hot water > 85°C, which needs to be tempered to 60°C for increasing hot water capacity and for its distribution.

The Horne 32, Horne 40 and Horne 50 large bore thermostatic mixing valves are often used in conjunction with some form of water treatment, such as copper-silver ionisation or biocide dosing.

When installed on a mid - large sized recirculating system, it is important to locate the circulator (pump) on the flow, via a smaller bore bypass of the main flow, to ensure the water is pushed around the system. If located on the return, a common mistake, the pump will suck air into the system via the upstream outlets, suffer cavitation, noise and wear out prematurely.

Process - Water

Many many industries utilise temperature-controlled hot water, be it for the manufacture of chemicals or pharmaceuticals, process water in brewing or film development, industrial washing machines, or cleaning and wash-down in food and drink production, to name a tiny handful.

The method of delivery will be dependent upon the hot water generation plant (i.e. primary hot water or steam), vented or pressurised secondary, the water volumes and flow rates required per task and the hot water storage available.

DN15-DN50 thermostatic mixing valves can operate on pressurised water systems and offer flow rates from 5 L/min to 330 L/min.

Process - Steam

For steam applications, our Steam Injection Heater, used in conjunction with the EA-1 Steam control valve, can accurately regulate the temperature of water storage vats and tanks. These are commonly used together in industrial scale dishwashers and washing machines.

Instantaneous hot water generation offering flow rates up to 50 L/min, usually for cleaning and wash-down, can be achieved with the Horne Steam and Water Mixing valve, SWM1, which mixes cold water with pressurised steam for instant hot water.

Plant & Process Customers

  • Crown Packaging (process)
  • Dale Farm Foods (process)
  • Highland Meats (process)
  • Hanover Lodge, Regents Park (plant)
  • HMP Bure (plant)
  • Holiday Inn Chester (plant)
  • Konika Minolta (process)
  • Napp Pharmaceuticals (process)
  • Pinewood Studios (process)
  • Southampton Row Hotel (plant)
  • Wantage Care Home (plant)

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