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HORNE STEAM AND WATER MIXING VALVE Thermostatic and Pressure balanced


Horne steam and water mixing valve with steam inlet connection 1" BSP; cold water inlet 3/4" BSP and hot water outlet connection 3/4" BSP. Temperature range at outlet: 50-85°C.

Designed and manufactured by Horne Engineering Ltd.

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Mixing steam and cold water to provide instant hot water at a controlled temperature for:

  • Plant washdown facilities (abattoirs, breweries, dairy and food manufacture)
  • vat or tank filling
  • industrial washing machines

Both thermostatic and pressure balanced, the SWM1 is the safest and most reliable steam-water mixing valve available on the worldwide market. Should the cold water supply pressure fail, the steam supply will be shut off automatically -  preventing live steam reaching the outlet.

Horne SWM1 Steam  & Water mixing valve - instantaneous hot water for wash-down applications


  • Highly accurate and reliable temperature control
  • thermostatically controlled and pressure balanced
  • Automatic steam shut off if cold water supply fails
  • almost silent and vibration free during operation
  • reliable and durable materials of construction
  • Easy to use
  • Ease of maintenance


  • No requirement for large hot water storage vessels
  • Max flow rate 50 L/min
  • safest valve of its kind
  • Set temperature and go
  • Easy maintenance

How it Works

Please have a look at the coloured diagram on the image carousel above that shows the flow paths of the steam and water inside the SWM1.

The flow of steam is controlled by the steam valve, which is held closed by steam pressure and cannot open until there is a downward thrust from the piston. The required thrust is generated by the pressure drop across the piston, when cold water passes through the flow passage in the piston. A rolling diaphragm provides a frictionless seal at the piston.

Before steam can enter the SWM1 valve, there must be a flow of cold water through it.

This means that if the cold water supply pressure falls significantly or the supply fails or is turned off; the steam supply will automatically stop. As soon as the hot water outlet is opened, cold water starts flowing through the SWM1 via the flow passage in the piston. There is, therefore, a pressure drop across the piston and the resulting thrust moves the piston downwards to open the steam valve.


Steam starts flowing and mixes with the cold water to make hot water. To ensure minimal vibration and quiet operation, the cold water is injected into the steam through a series of small holes. The hot water stream passes over the thermostat element and the expansion or contraction of the element moves the steam valve and regulate the flow of steam into the valve and thus the hot water temperature is controlled.

The hot water temperature can easily be adjusted and set by turning the temperature adjusting screw with a removable temperature adjusting key.

The range of temperature adjustment is 50 - 85ºC.

When there is a large demand for hot water, the by-pass valve opens to allow an increased flow of cold water. The amount by which the by-pass valve opens is controlled by the by-pass spring.

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