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Some environments, such as secure hospitals and prisons, have specific requirements that prioritise security and safety.

The potentially unpredictable behaviour of secure hospital and prison residents dictates fundamental requirements for product reliability and robustness - both for preventing and withstanding willful (or indeed accidental) damage. Some residents may also be considered vulnerable to self harm or show violence toward others and, therefore, fixtures and fittings in this environment must be structurally sound and secure so as not to provide 'implements' of harm through vandalism. Ligature points must also be reduced as far as possible, again for preventing self harm.


Robust & Vandal Resistant

Horne shower panels are particularly well suited to the secure environment as they are inherently robust and safe. The internal pipework and componentry is protected from willful or accidental damage by the solid aluminium casing, which also acts as a barrier between the user and the high surface temperature of the hot water supply pipe, thus eliminating the risk of contact burns.

The endcaps of the shower panel casing are made from pressed aluminium. They fit flush with the panel profile and are held securely in place with 4 No. T20 security screws. Without the correct tools, the end cap is very difficult to remove and the risk of the panel becoming a 'stash' point minimised.

Manufactured from stamped, machined and chromium plated metal, all the external components of the shower panels, i.e. the shower head and controls, are extremely solid and resistant to abuse.

The shower valve's safe and accurate temperature control, reliable performance and constant flow rate also plays a part in minimising willful damage; a properly functioning shower diminishes resident's frustration and may actually have a calming and soothing effect on behaviour.

Ligature Resistant

To reduce the potential for self harm by ligature, the shower head and control options for Horne secure showers are specifically shaped (sloping or conical) such that any applied ligature will easily slip off the protrusion.

The secure shower head (in video above) cannot become a ligature point as rotation of the head around its supply axis is not possible due to a 'pin-stop'.

The attachment point for the removable hose in the dual mode secure model is recessed into the side of the panel and offers a negligible horizontal surface for holding a ligature.

To remove the potential ligature point associated with the top entry supply pipes (-A variants), a pipe cover is available. Also an aluminium extrusion, the pipe cover has the same profile as the shower panel and effectively extends the shower panel to the ceiling - hiding the pipework. Held in place at the panel top with stainless steel pins and a security screw just below ceiling height, the pipecover is solid, secure and difficult to remove without the correct tools. Alternatively, -B variants accept the water supplies via WRAS Approved Soft-PEX braided hoses at the rear of the panel.

Secure Customers

  • Altherleigh Park MH Hospital, 5 Boroughs PT
  • Blackburn Emergency Housing, WLC
  • Birmingham & Solihull MH Trust
  • Hertfordshire Partnership Trust
  • Hesley Special Autism Schools
  • Highgate Mental Health (C & I NHS Trust)
  • HMP Prisons, various
  • Lea Court Ind. Hospital, Warrington
  • Priory Hospital, Bristol
  • Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust
  • St Georges Healthcare Trust, Tooting
  • The Royal Free Hospital
  • University Hospitals Leicestershire

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