Valve Sizing Tool


Prior to commissioning the valve, it is important to flush the pipework at full bore to remove any debris that may have collected during installation. Periodic flushing of the pipework is also required to remove any biofilm that may have built up and can adversely affect water qualtiy. Only by flushing at full bore, and allowing the water to reach maximum velocity, will the biofilm be retarded (once established, is it impossible to completely remove biofilm and therefore it needs to be degraded periodically to minimise downstream seeding).

Isolate the cold water supply, remove the strainer cap and basket and insert the flushing adaptor.  Making sure the hose is linked to a drain, open the isolation valve and allow water to drain until it runs clear.  Turn off the water supply then replace the strainer basket and strainer cap.  Repeat this procedure for the hot water supply taking care to avoid scalding.