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From rugby club changing rooms to dance studios to campsite amenities, we have developed a range of shower and temperature control products to suit all specific needs.

Reliability, ease of use, durability and economy are the essential requirements for the sport and leisure sector. These days, however, modern designs and customer expectations now also demand stylish aesthetics such as offered by our sleek and striking Duŝo Sport shower column.

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Reliable Temperature Control

Horne thermostatic mixing valves deliver consistent, safe and accurately controlled warm water for hand washing and showering.

Use the Horne 15 thermostatic mixing valve to deliver warm water to one or to a small group of showerheads or basins. Larger groups (5-6, depending on the required flow rate at each head) of timed flow controlled showers can easily be supplied by the DN20 Horne 20 TMV.

Use our Valve Sizer Tool to determine the optimal Horne TMV for your group mixing installation. It takes into account your site parameters and maximum required flow rate.

Water and Energy Efficient

Showers with built-in timed flow controls discourage prolonged use and ensure that wastage of pre-heated water is kept to a mimimum.

Optimal flow rates are also ensured - balancing the need for an effective shower whilst reducing water consumption. All Horne showers incorporate a 8 L/min flow regulator to govern the flow rate and avoid unnecessary wastage of pre-heated warm water.

Thermostatic mixing valves are also inherently energy efficient; the valve works constantly to adjust the mix of hot and cold water to deliver a constant temperature. As the inventors of the thermostatic mixing valve, it's an established fact that our TMVs are the most accurate and reliable for temperature control.

Unlimited Options

From simple groups or 'gangs' of timed flow showers (supplied with pre-mixed water from a single upstream thermostatic mixing valve) to Match Referee and Accessible and Changing Places shower provision, our extensive range of pre-plumbed panel showers can accommodate almost any combination of shower head / flow and temperature control / shower valve requirements.

As fully pre-plumbed shower assemblies, installation is quick and its costs easily quantified.  Robust materials of construction, easy access for maintenance and low cost spare parts also ensure a long service life and excellent lifetime value.


Sport & Leisure Customers

  • Bannatynes Health Clubs
  • Better Leisure (GLL)
  • Brio Leisure
  • Everyone Active
  • Hoburne Holidays
  • Fusion Lifestyle
  • Places for People Leisure
  • Seal Bay Cove Holidays
  • Various independent campsites
  • Various Local Authority / Charitable Leisure Trusts
  • Various University Sport Centres
  • Xercise4Less

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Maintenance Support

Optimise performance and maximise the lifespan of your Horne Optitherm thermostatic taps, showers and point-of-use mixing valves.

Click the link to access a full suite of narrated installation and maintenance training videos, plus other instructional resources.

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