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We supply many local authority and private secondary and tertiary education establishments and our products are designed to be efficient, robust, safe and easy to maintain.

The skin of a young child is significantly more delicate and sensitive than that of an adult. Therefore, to reduce the risk of scalding, we recommend that all hot water outlets in nurseries and primary schools are protected by a TMV3 Scheme approved thermostatic mixing valve. TMV3 Approval signifies the highest performance standard for thermostatic mixing valves and thus offers the safest level of protection.

Safe & Reliable Temperature Control

For secondary schools and colleges with non-vulnerable students, scalding protection may be achieved with the Heatstat T2 range of TMVs, which are approved to the (lower performance) TMV2 Scheme.

Wash hand basins/sinks in classrooms, washrooms and accessible WC should deliver safe and comfortable hot water via a single or group thermostatic mixing valve. Flow regulators should be installed on every outlet to conserve water and reduce splashing.

School sports facilities often feature a number of showers in a group or 'gang' that each operate on a timer and are supplied with pre-mixed warm water from a single upstream thermostatic mixing valve. Our Valve Sizer Tool helps you to determine the optimal size of Horne TMV for your group mixing installation, taking into account site parameters and the maximum required flow rate.

Water and Energy Efficient

Showers with built-in timed flow controls discourage prolonged use and ensure that wastage of pre-heated water is kept to a mimimum.

Optimal flow rates are also ensured - balancing the need for an effective shower whilst reducing water consumption. Horne showers incorporate a 8 L/min flow regulator to govern the flow rate and avoid unnecessary wastage of pre-heated warm water.

Thermostatic mixing valves are also inherently energy efficient; the valve works constantly to adjust the mix of hot and cold water to deliver a constant temperature. As the inventors of the thermostatic mixing valve, it's an established fact that our TMVs are the most accurate and reliable for temperature control.

Accessible Bathrooms

As less able students are increasingly attending mainstream education, further provision needs to be made for accessible and Changing Places toilet and shower facilities across the education estate.

With our core product offering specifically aimed at healthcare, this helpfully includes showers for users with overall mobility limitations, but also those with special needs relating to dexterity and hand mobility as well as impaired vision.

Grab rails, BS 8300 lever controls, smooth movement, low torque operation, brightness and contrast are all features of our accessible showers. For Public accessible installations (self-service and assisted) we recommend our T108A2L lever control shower and related models, with optional 2m hose.

Grab rails to match the shower riser rail offer an accessible shower package but are also suitable for accessible changing rooms and WC provision.

School and College Customers

  • Dundee City Council Schools
  • Eastern High School, Cardiff
  • Grove Primary School, Milton Keynes
  • John Ruskin School, Cumbria
  • Latymer Upper School
  • Oban High School
  • Royal Russell School Boarding House
  • Springfield School Sports Centre
  • Weald School, Dorking
  • Various University Sports Centres

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