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A range of Horne products are specified and installed across a number of accommodation types such as student study-bedrooms (schools, colleges, and universities), army & navy barracks, Housing Association and Council housing properties, traveller sites and commercial hotels: large bore TMVs for plant room and 'district' recirculation of hot water and point-of-use TMVs and showers.

Since 2010, hot water delivery to baths in residential properties (domestic and commercial) must be governed to a maximum temperature of 48°C to avoid the incidence of scalding. The UK Building regulations Part G, Para 3.65 - 3.68, Prevention of Scalding recommends that this is achieved by installing a TMV2 Scheme Approved (performance that meets BS EN 1111 and 1287) or Type 2 thermostatic mixing valve.

Plant Room / District Scheme

Large bore recirculating TMV - energy efficient transport of warm water around mid - large size buildings such as hotels and college accommodation or for Housing Association 'District' Hot Water schemes.

Can temper hot water to 60°C for supply distribution to individual dwellings and bathrooms, where secondary thermostatic control should be employed to blend to safe set temperature of 46°C (with allowable deviation +2,-0°C).

Note our recommendation for the circulator pump location.

Shared Bathroom / Study En-suite

Social Housing: Protect the whole bathroom (bath, shower and basin) with a single DN20, (minimum) TMV2 Scheme approved thermostatic mixing valve set to 46°C with an allowable deviation of +2, -0°C (thus delivering a maximum temperature of 48°C).

study/private bedroom: stand-alone wash hand basin with pre-blended warm water supplied via a single thermostatic mixing valve.

en-suite: Protect both bath and basin using DN20 Type 2 (minimum) approved thermostatic mixing valve. Separate thermostatic shower with any control/shower head combination could be offered.

Accessible Shower

Where residents are considered to be vulnerable due to physical or mental impairment then thermostatic water controls should rather perform to D08 Model Engineering Specification, i.e. rated for Healthcare installations and thus Type 3 or TMV3 Scheme Approved.

The wash-hand basin should be supplied with a single DN15 Horne 15 thermostatic mixing valve.

Shower provision should meet the requirements of UK Building Regulations Part M and offer BS 8300 Lever controls, detachable hose and handset and a wall-mounted riser rail.

Communal Showers

To save water and energy, a group of timed-flow-control showers fed with pre-blended water from a suitably sized upstream Horne thermostatic mixing valve (DN15-DN25) are appropriate for shared shower facilities in dormitory accommodation.

Selecting the optimal size of TMV for any group mixing application is made simple using our Valve Sizing Tool, which runs a calculation based on site conditions, delivery flow rates and temperatures to then suggest the best Horne TMV for the application.

Multi-Residential Products

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Accommodation Customers

  • Badgers Mount Hotel
  • Grand Jersey Hotel
  • Hilton Hotel, Bromsgrove
  • Redford Barracks, Edinburgh
  • Royal Russel School Boarding House
  • Various City and County Council Housing
  • Various Housing Associations
  • Worksop College, Boys Boarding House

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