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Campsite Showers - Still Time to Transform!

The off-season or winter shut-down for camp and glamp site operators offers time to catch a breath and recover from the madness of a busy summer season. It is, of course, also a time to reflect on the previous season’s business and activity – celebrating the jobs done well but also critically assessing the parts of the campsite product or service that need improvement. This may be as a result of customer feedback or just your own personal opinion. Increased or constant turnover of visitors and use of communal cooking, washing and bathing areas puts cumulative pressure on the provided facilities – perhaps more frequent and rigourous cleaning (soft Facilities Management) is required, or the fittings and componentry need to be maintained more regularly, repaired or even renewed (also known as Hard FM).

According to industry experts, holidays involving camping and glamping are on the rise. With that come higher expectations – especially when considering the shared facilities. Your user expectations will probably determine the priority assigned to any areas/items identified for refurbishment or renewal during the shut-down. The budget, however, is obviously an important factor too, and at what point does make-do-and-mend no longer make economic sense?

Communal shower facilities can take a thrashing during the busy season and keeping them constantly clean can be a real headache, especially when time is short. Cleaning exposed stainless steel pipework is notoriously difficult: connections, elbows and components present tight and hard to reach surfaces. High usage means more soiling and, under mostly damp conditions, provides a haven for bacterial growth. In terms of operation and maintenance, accessibility to key components is important, as is being able to source appropriate replacement parts, when necessary.

The pictures above show before and after a recent upgrade on a communal showering facility. This makeover was completed over a single weekend. The first task was to deep clean with a power washer, followed by removal of the old stainless steel pipework. Rather than removing the tiles, the walls were then battened, boarded and sealed with pale wet-wall and new pipes dropped down to each shower head position. The Duŝo shower column, a fully pre-plumbed assembly, was then extremely quick to install and easy to connect to the pre-blended water supply.

In summary, it was a short-work transformation! Now it’s a smart, modern and inviting shower installation that's a doddle to keep clean and looking fresh. Where privacy is preferred, the Duŝo is also perfectly suitable for cubicle installations (also pictured). With a (standard) 60 second flow duration and 8 L/minute flow rate, the Duŝo can help reduce water and energy use. These features have earned it a place on the Water Technology List: meaning that tax relief against any Duŝo investment is available via the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme.

For a quick and cost-effective upgrade, the Duŝo ticks all the boxes!  Operationally, it’s also a breeze to live with – your clients will love its light-touch operation and longer duration. Ease of cleaning and maintenance help when time is short and its low-cost spare parts facilitate for a maximised operational lifetime. 

With a couple of months still remaining before the Easter holiday kick-off, why not take that shower upgrade off your wish-list and add it to your to-do list!

For a comprehensive introduction to the Duŝo, its elegant styling, features and benefits, please have a look at our narrated tour.