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Optitherm Tap - User Training

The Optitherm has been specifically designed to aid Infection Prevention in the healthcare environment. It is important that nursing, medical and cleaning staff understand its key features that help prevent the spread of infection.


As part of the Optitherm package, on-site user training is offered, free of charge, to facilitate rapid understanding, correct operation and user adoption. We recommend that this training forms part of a wider staff 'induction' to the new or refurbished facility and its equipment, ideally taking place before opening to patients. To arrange user training at your new facility, please get in touch via our Contact page.

To watch on a tablet or desktop computer, we have created a number of electronic training materials to aid understanding of the Optitherm's unique design. These could be used for new staff inductions, for example.


The PowerPoint (see image samples above) is free to download (from the Toolbox above) for use in a seminar setting or for sharing on a staff intranet system.  

If you require printed copies of our Quickstart Guide or Recommended Operation label (for affixing, temporarily, adjacent to a new Optitherm installation), please send us a message via our Contact page and we will post these out to you.

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