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Right to Repair Legislation

New legislation came into effect today; the Right to Repair.  At present it only applies to a small number of household appliances, but its premise is intended to mitigate built-in obsolescence, maximise product lifespan and therefore reduce environmental impact.

Manufacturers now have a two-year grace period to make spare parts available for existing and new designs.  They must now also hold spare parts for 10 years after any product has been discontinued. 

Now, we may not be manufacturing consumer (white) goods, but the concept of Right to Repair is certainly not new to Horne Engineering.  It’s been our policy, for more years than we can remember, to hold spare parts for a minimum of 10 years after a Horne product design has been discontinued.  Not only that, ease of serviceability is a central tenet of every single Horne design, and this actually extends to include maintenance of the valve’s water supply too.

To encourage optimal performance and a maximized lifespan for our thermostatic valves, showers and taps, we also provide free of charge training for in-service testing and restoring Horne valves to peak performance.  Our training is offered in a number of formats: narrated videos in the maintenance training zone of this website, virtually over Zoom / YouTube or, when Covid restrictions allow, as face-to-face seminars at customers’ premises.

If you would like to arrange a virtual maintenance training session for your team, please get in touch via our Contact form.