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In use widely across the NHS, extra-care, dementia care and for Changing Places shower facilities, we are pleased to reveal improvements to our Care Shower designs.  We've enhanced the inclusive design features to better support and encourage independence for users.

Completely redesigned, the robust yet lightweight Riser Rail comprises a durable core of anodised aluminium, treated with a smooth and hard-wearing polyester powder-coat. The elbows and wall fixings, for it can also be used plain as a grab rail, are durable injection-mouldings with a smooth finish.

The riser grip/release mechanism, for adjusting the height of the shower handset, is the epitome of inclusive design and combines innovative fishing-reel technology for a finely controlled friction grip with a custom-designed spring and lever for its low-force release, even with a closed fist. The Mechanism Release Extender, attached to the lever, adds further ease of use; shorter or wheelchair users can easily lower a high-set shower head. A light downward pull releases the spring and carriage grip, allowing the shower head to be lowered to a more desirable height.

For sight loss, aged and dementia care settings, the riser and grab rails can be coloured an inclusive deep orange - offering optimum visibility, valuable support and for the avoidance of falls. Changes to our eyes as we age reduces our visual acuity as well as our ability to perceive blue and green light. Light from the red end of the spectrum (red, orange and yellow), however, is perceived for relatively much longer.

So, why orange?  Let's think of the various moods and feelings that colours can initiate. Yellow is considered to be bright and calming, so might be expected to be suitable. Tonally, however, its contrast is insufficient against the pale wall backgrounds that are recommended (to allow more light to enter the eye) for aged and dementia care settings. Thus, with yellow, the recommended difference in Light Reflectance Values (LRV) of 30 is difficult to achieve. Although inherently darker with a lower LRV, red is an aggressive colour often associated with heat and danger, and may be a cause of additional distress or anxiety.  Sharing the best aspects of both, orange is highly visible but also tonally dark enough to offer appropriate contrast. It is also warm and earthy and reminiscent of the natural world.

The white riser rail (RAL 9010), which can also be wall-mounted, features across the range of riser shower models, and a new range of showers feature the orange riser rail (RAL 2011). Shower product codes with a 'Y' in the 3rd position indicate showers with an orange riser rail, for example, T1Y8A2L

Supportive grab rails in white and orange, for pairing with WC, basin and bath in other inclusive and accessible installations are now also available.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to receive our Shower Brochure.