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Enhancing Legionella Control (and compliance)

The unique design of the Optitherm thermostatic tap already aids the control of Legionella and water system management: there is no mixed water deadleg and every use, for mixed or cold water delivery, draws cold water to drain - increasing turnover and reducing water stagnation. The internal surfaces of the Optitherm can now also be completely disinfected using the recently developed Thermal Disinfection Adaptor.  Retrograde pseudomonad contamination of the outlet fitting can also be disinfected during this high temperature flush.

View the short narrated animation above to understand how the Optitherm can be fully disinfected by thermal means using our new disinfection adaptor. 

Please note that this disinfection adaptor has now been superceded by the Horne ILTDU (In-line thermal disinfection unit).