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Improved Horne 15 & 20

Introducing the new E-Generation inlet assembly

Regular buyers and users of the Horne 15 and Horne 20 Thermostatic Mixing Valves may have noticed, in recent months, of some changes in the design of our angle pattern inlet assemblies (strainer and check valve, with or without isolating servicing valve). 

The new design offers a number of new features and benefits:

  • British made
  • Improved assembly process gives reduced leakage potential - better reliability.
  • ‘Captive’ nuts are no longer captive and are therefore now individually replaceable
  • Strainer cap is removable by a choice of tools, which aids versatility: 10mm hex key, ball-ended or standard, or using a 19mm socket
  • Improved check valve inserts gives better performance at low pressures
  • Optimised internal flow profiling improves flow at low pressures
  • More attractive, swarf-blasted finish

Please note that pipe-centre dimensions remain the same as the previous D-Generation inlets, but the height of the strainer housing now differs; the measurements in mm from the valve's horizontal centre to the inlet pipe end is as follows:

Model E-Inlet D-Inlet 
H15-11 23 39
H15-21 39 65
H15-24 39 65
H20-11 33 45
H20-21 51 74


Changeover to the E-Generation inlet assemblies is well underway but has proven a lengthy process; stock levels for the D design reduce at different rates for the various valve configurations.  All bar 2 models of the Horne 15 TMV have now changed to the new design; the 4th Connection for cold tap configuration (bronze) is expected to enter production during late Q3/early Q4 2019 with the chromium plated version transitioning some time later.  For the Horne 20 range, only the chromium plated variants are yet to change but this changeover is expected to take some time due to existing stock levels and decreasing demand for chromium plated valves (as a result of increased environmental concerns - the plating process and recycling potential).

Update, 12/07/2019 - H15 4th Connection (-24B) Bronze E-Type inlet assembly in production from 12 July 2019.