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What Connects these Images?

A gecko climbing a glass wall, the Grand Canyon, and a baby with a balloon?

I suspect you’ll be unable to make the I’ll let you into a little secret.  These three, apparently random, images are brought together in a highly topical and informative Horne CPD presentation ‘Engineering vs Pseudomonas and the retrograde contamination of hospital domestic water systems’.

Perhaps that still has you thinking, er, and the connection is?  Well, unfortunately, over the last few years a number of myths and misunderstandings regarding pathogen contamination of domestic water systems have been perpetuated throughout the healthcare sector. Our presentation aims to approach the problem from an engineering perspective, whilst also paying heed to established thinking from the disciplines of physics, chemistry and microbiology. Some of the theories covered can be tricky to understand, and hence we will use interesting images such as those above, props and practical (and entertaining) demonstrations to help explain these concepts and then apply them to the context of hospital water systems. We’ll also show how clever engineering can make a positive contribution to managing and removing a potential reservoir of infection; reducing infection spread whilst also saving time and money on fewer consumables and water sample tests.

Recent recipients of this highly enlightening and memorable CPD are Richard Stephens Partnership (Edinburgh), LK2 Architects (Lincoln), Barnsley Hospital, Northampton General Hospital, Steven A Hunt & Associates (Liverpool) and TÜV SÜD Wallace Whittle (Glasgow).

This presentation should be of significant interest to Healthcare Consulting Engineers and Architects, Hospital Estates, Engineers and FM providers; Hospital Water Safety Groups including Infection Prevention and Control.

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