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There's been a growing back-log of customers wishing to benefit from our practical Maintenance Training seminars that had to abruptly stop in March 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic.  We are now pleased to have these reinstated, albeit with some rather significant logistical changes.

In the last week I have hosted 3 practical training sessions over Zoom (for TWO Facilities Management, FM providers at St Mary's & Hammersmith Hospitals and Great Ormond Street Hospital), covering point of use thermostatic mixing valves (Horne 15 & Horne 20), the TSV1-3 shower valve and the Optitherm clinical tap.  

These sites all have large numbers of Horne products installed across their estates, so my trainees were encouraged to bring relevant components to each session for scrutiny at the relevant point in the discussion.

I find the Zoom format very efficient.  It's a relatively new set-up of overhead and front-facing cameras, but already we've come to realise that the universal view is actually an improvement over in-person sessions.

It's more practical and efficient from an environmental perspective, too.  Prior to Covid, a single training session for me would involve a whole day out of the office, a return flight, a hire car and a hotel.  Similarly, your servicing team might be spread far and wide and need to travel to a central location. Now I can as run many as 3 training sessions in a day and yet only use a small amount of electricity at either end.

It really does make good environmental sense to take training direct from the designer and manufacturer.  You get better performance out of your Horne products, and they'll last very much longer.  Not only that, over Zoom, it's a far more efficient use of your limited time.

If you would like to arrange a Zoom training session for your team, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.  Sessions should last no more than 1.5 hours.

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Optimise performance and maximise the lifespan of your Horne Optitherm thermostatic taps, showers and point-of-use mixing valves.

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