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Advantages to specifying proprietary products

Product selection should always be done with an eye on the future where spares parts, operational advice, maintenance training and other aspects of product support will be important considerations.   These essential elements may not prove to be available if product of indeterminate origin is allowed and where the supplier themselves may not even be able to identify the original source - resulting in costly obsolescence, redundancy and disappointment.

Clearly branded, proprietary products offer peace of mind -  the product should have that supportive service embedded as an integral part of the overall proposition. The Duŝo is a strikingly good example of this in practice; the registered design itself is completely the property of Horne Engineering and is entirely our own work.  This in turn means that we have total understanding and control of every aspect of the product as well as what constitutes an appropriate level of support, from the point of delivery and over a lifetime in operation.

Learn more about the Duŝo in an explicit narrated and animated product tour here.