Valve Sizing Tool

Installing the (optional) Pipe Cover

Where it is preferred that exposed pipe work be hidden, a pipe cover in the same profile as the shower panel can be fitted. Pipe covers are available in two lengths: 465mm and 940mm and can be cut to size to fit your installation. To install the pipe cover, do not fit the shower panel's top end cap. Instead fit the width brace, gasket and alignment pins. Cut the pipe cover to the appropriate length then slide the pipe cover down to join with the panel, engaging with the alignment pins and the gasket. Take the cuff with its hole in the lower position and cover the gap between the pipe cover and the ceiling. Mark the position of the hole on the pipe cover. Drill a hole in the pipe cover then repostion it over the panel. Line up the holes on the pipe cover and cuff to mark the hole position on the wall. Drill the hole in the wall then secure the pipe cover into place, taking care not to excessively tighten the screw.