Valve Sizing Tool


The spigot can be supplied in advance of the tap body if a phased installation is required. Connections are by 10mm compression fittings for copper pipe (or Soft-PEX flexible braided hose as an accessory). Extension/spacer pieces are available to accommodate for a range of basin sizes. Offer the extension piece up to the spigot ensuring the correct alignment of the interconnect nozzles.  Secure the extension piece to the spigot with the 4 M5 screws and washers.  Offer the tap body up to the extended spigot and mount it firmly then tighten the tap's retaining screw from below.  Fit the tap's bottom cover and tighten using a strap wrench.  Open the hot and cold water supplies.  The correct commissioning procedure (Flushing, setting the temperature, CW failure test) must be followed prior to usage.

Pairing with a clinical basin or sluice trough

For clinical wash-hand basins with a diameter of 400mm or less, we recommend the Optitherm with no spigot spacer, which gives a wall-surface to point-of-discharge distance of 170mm.  Select TBT1-170DL

For 500mm clinical wash-hand basins, we recommend the Optitherm with 30mm spacer (200mm wall to point-of-discharge distance). Select TBT1-200DL

For surgical scrub or sluice troughs we recommend the 60mm spacer (230mm wall to point-of-discharge distance). Select TBT1-230DL