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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a compilation of answers to common questions that customers ask about our products and services. Click on the + to reveal the answer to each question below.

Are Horne valves suitable for use with combi-boilers?
Can Horne valves work with imbalanced supply pressures?
How does a TMV or Thermostatic shower valve work?
What way round are the hot and cold inlets on the shower panels?
I've got no water coming through my new shower panel. I know the supplies are 'live'.
How many outlets can I run from a single valve?
What maintenance is required for Horne valves?
Can I mount a Horne TMV upside down or on its side?
What is a dead leg?
Where should a point-of-use TMV be positioned in relation to the outlet
Do you supply spares for your valves?
How do you fit a Horne valve?
My valve is not working – the outlet runs full cold.
I can’t adjust my valve properly, it can only be adjusted between too hot and too cold, nothing in between.
What size are your valves? I need to know if they will fit in my installation.
For a circulating DHWS should the circulator go on the Flow or the Return?