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Horne Optitherm Thermostatic medical tap with dual levers


Includes wall-mounting spigot, integral isolating valves, high capacity fine mesh strainers, check valves, thermostatic cartridge and 6 L/min flow regulator/conditioner. Wall to outlet distance = 230mm. Dual Levers for improved infection control. To be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and commissioned in accordance with water regulations and bylaws using the Optitherm Flushing boot or kit.

Recommended for pairing with surgical scrub or sluice sink.

Designed and manufactured by Horne Engineering Ltd.

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Suitable for warm and cold water clinical handwash, surgical scrub, patient en-suite or sluice room applications.

For superior infection prevention and control, install the Optitherm tap with the patented ILTDU (In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit) to facilitate regular thermal disinfection of the pipe supplies, Optitherm and its terminal fittings.

Clinical handwash using the Horne Optitherm thermostatic tap


  • Mixed water dead leg eliminated as required by HTM 04-01
  • HBN 00-10 (supercedes HTM 64) compliant design
  • hot and cold tap in one - increases cold water turnover and no need for additional cold water outlet
  • as per HTM 04-01 the tap does not drain down on lever closure
  • Safe surface temperature - complies with HGN Safe Hot Water and Surface Temperatures
  • Dual lever arrangement - easy Low touch operation for improved hygiene
  • Levers with vandal resistant clutch mechanism
  • Pleasant hand wash experience - comfortable temperature and flow with no splashing
  • Outlet fitting - 6 l/m flow regulator/conditioner provides energy and water efficiencies (contributes to BREEAM rating)
  • outlet fitting removable for routine cleaning and autoclaving
  • accessible from tileside for ease of maintenance
  • Modularity allows for easy removal and substitution when maintenance is required
  • Patents granted for dual lever design, TMV with cold water bypass (dedicated cold tap) and ease of serviceability

Standards and Approvals

  • The HORNE OPTITHERM thermostatic tap is designed to meet the requirements of BS 7942:2011, 'Thermostatic mixing valves for use in care establishments' and is approved, as a Type 3 thermostatic mixing valve, to NHS Model Engineering Specifications D 08 Thermostatic mixing valves (Healthcare premises).
  • The Optitherm thermostatic tap is UK Water Regulation 4 Approved (materials approval), KIWA certificate 1810749
  • All HORNE products are manufactured under our Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Certificate No. FM 01224






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