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SA-465PC Pipe Cover

The pipe cover is suitable for installations where it is important that there be no exposed pipework such as in secure or mental health settings. The pipe cover can be used to conceal the pipework between the ceiling and the top of the shower panel.  Maximum length 465mm, cut to appropriate size.

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Constructed from extruded aluminium in the same profile as the shower panel, the pipe cover is anodised and then painted (RAL 9010) to match.

Available in two lengths: 465mm and 940mm, the pipe cover can be cut down to the relevant height for your specific installation.

The cuff covers the inevitable gap between the pipe cover and the ceiling. For offsite fabrication, it may be preferable to cut the ceiling tile to match the profile of the panel such that the ceiling cuff is not required.

Please specify SA-465PC for 465mm length pipe cover and SA-940PC for 940mm length.  These pipe covers can be fitted to any Horne surface mounted shower panel with the exception of the Duŝo Sport Shower Column.

Shower panels featuring an integral In-line Thermal Disinfection Unit, ILTDU, (T4 and T9 shower variants) also include an adapted pipe cover with key slot for operation of the ILTDU as the adjacent picture shows.

If a replacement pipe cover is required please specify the following Part Numbers:

SA-465T (maximum length 465mm) or SA-940T (maximum lenth 940mm).

Pipe Cover component in T4 and T9 Horne shower panel models

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