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SIH (4.0-5.5 Bar)

Direct Steam Injection Heater with low noise and vibration. Manufactured from stainless steel with inlet tapped 3/4" B.S.P.  Pressure rating 4.0 - 5.5 Bar.

Part Number: 2405/4B

Designed and manufactured by Horne Engineering Ltd.

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  • water heating by direct steam injection
  • heating the contents of industrial washing machines, boiler hotwells and hot rinse tanks
  • often used in conjunction with the HORNE EA-1 Thermostatic Steam Control Valve for accurate temperature control

The SIH is 100% efficient: all of the energy in the steam (latent and real) is transferred into the water, thus raising its temperature.  If required, several units can be connected to a single steam supply pipe. The HORNE SIH is a highly reliable unit manufactured entirely from stainless steel and, being a passive device, needs no maintenance. The very low levels of vibration produced by the HORNE SIH can greatly increase the lifespan of tanks and other fittings in the vicinity of the heater.

Horne Steam Injection Heater - Hot tank heating


  • manufactured entirely from stainless steel
  • 3/4" BSP pipe connection
  • pressure rating 4.0 - 5.5 Bar


Installation Considerations

A typical installation consists of one, or a series of SIH, connected to a single steam supply and controlled by a Horne EA-1 steam control valve.

The HORNE Steam Injection Heater should be fitted as low as possible in the tank. The HORNE EA-1 Thermostatic valve must be fitted above the Steam Injection Heater with a gap of at least 50mm between it and the heater.

A vacuum breaker should be fitted between the strainer and the HORNE EA1 Thermostatic Valve to prevent a vacuum forming in the steam supply pipe. Where the steam supply is below the level of the water in the tank, a non-return valve must be fitted between the HORNE Steam Injection Heater and the HORNE EA-1 Thermostatic valve to prevent water from the tank flowing back up the steam pipe, due to gravity, when the steam supply is turned off.


A stop valve should be fitted between the Steam Injection Heater and the non-return valve to enable maintenance work to be carried out on both the EA-1 Thermostatic Valve and the non-return valve.

The HORNE EA-1 Thermostatic Valve can be mounted vertically. If the level of liquid in the tank varies, the pocket on the HORNE EA-1 Thermostatic Valve must be long enough to ensure that when the liquid is at its lowest level, at least 230mm of the thermostatic pocket is immersed in the liquid.

More than one Steam Injection Heater may be required and, if so, they can be fitted to a common steam supply pipe.

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