We design and manufacture a wide range of thermostatic valves and ancillary fittings for temperature control applications. Our EA-1 steam control valve is often paired with the Horne Steam Injection Heater (SIH) to maintain stored water at a constant temperature. The SIH is an integral part in many industrial sized washing machines, and is also suitable for the rapid heating of storage water.  The SWM1 Steam and Water Mixing Valve mixes steam with cold water to provide large volume instantaneous hot water for various process applications.


Steam & Water Mixing Valve


The HORNE SWM1 Steam and Water Mixing Valve is capable of providing up to 50L/min of instantaneaous hot water between 50-85°C for rapid filling of vats and tanks, including industrial washing machines, and for wash down applications in the food, beverage, dairy, brewing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

Steam Injection Heaters


The HORNE SIH Steam Injection Heater is suitable for rapid heating of tanks, vats or other hot water vessels. It is 100% efficient: all of the energy in the steam (latent and real) is transferred into the water, raising its temperature.

EA-1 Thermostatic Steam Control Valve


Provides temperature control in hot water storage calorifiers, tanks, industrial washing machines and process heat exchangers.