Optitherm Thermostatic Tap

The Optitherm is a highly specialised thermostatic tap - a patented design that assists in infection control, ensure safe surface temperatures, make cleaning and maintenance easy and provide both thermostatically controlled hot water and cold drinking water in all medical environments.

The Optitherm can be installed with our patented dual levers or with short levers. The point of discharge can be modified by inserting an extension piece to best suit the size of basin and to avoid water falling directly into the trap, which can release bacteria laden water droplets into the air and compromise infection controls.

All Optitherm thermostatic taps configurations are listed below. Select, using the radio buttons, dual levers or single levers, and the wall surface to point of discharge distance.  The line drawing and product code will automatically update when the radio button settings are altered.

Turn on with short lever for warm water handwash

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Horne Optitherm Thermostatic medical tap with dual levers TBT1-170DL

Horne Optitherm Thermostatic medical tap with dual levers TBT1-170DL


  • Wall mounting spigot
  • Integral isolating valves
  • High capacity fine mesh strainers
  • Check valves
  • Thermostatic cartridge
  • 6 l/m flow regulator

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Quick codes: TBT1-170DL | TBT1-170SL | TBT1-200DL | TBT1-200SL | TBT1-230DL | TBT1-230SL