Optitherm Thermostatic Medical Tap

View the animation above for a comprehensive tour of the OPTITHERM Thermostatic Tap.  Please have speakers enabled to hear the narration.

At the 2008 Building Better Healthcare Awards, the Optitherm won the Best Interiors Product category. The judges remarked that it was “a truly wonderful product that demonstrated innovation and technical excellence... [with] a clear appreciation of the needs of the healthcare environment”.

The Optitherm is a highly specialised thermostatic tap developed principally for healthcare applications. Its design has a number of patents and is evidence of our leading-edge product development, specifically tailored for the needs of our customers, in this case multiple stakeholders including medical and nursing staff, patients and visitors, installers and FM providers. Aiding infection prevention objectives and exceeding rigourous regulations were essential, resulting in an advanced and creative design.  A thermostatic medical tap delivering safe hot water and cold water it is the optimum in safety and control.

The Optitherm is designed for ease of use, consistent delivery of safe and comfortable hot water, easy access for testing and maintenance, and ease of cleaning for hygiene and compliance with healthcare regulations. At the end of its lifetime, the Optitherm is easily dismantled and the recovered materials recycled.

Best Interiors Product, BBH Awards

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Optitherm Thermostatic Taps


The Optitherm is a highly specialised thermostatic medical tap specially designed to assist in infection control, ensure safe surface temperatures, make cleaning and maintenance easy and provide both thermostatically controlled hot water and cold drinking water.