Horne Engineering

Horne Engineering has been at the forefront of the design, manufacture and distribution of thermostatic valves since 1909. We have always supplied direct to end users, the people utilising our products, and this close relationship allows us to understand our markets and tailor our expertise to each individual requirement. Quality, innovation, reliability and efficiency are the core values behind all of our products.

The very first entry in our initial record book of 1909 details the sale of a temperature control valve to a UK hospital. We have maintained a direct link with this core market, so that our current product range is a culmination of more than 100 years of experience and knowledge. The refinement process is continual, so that our reputation for performance and reliability is maintained. All of our customers understand that our technology is time-served, mature, reliable and, above all, precise.

We continue to look forward and push the boundaries of our technology. We design all of our products to enable easy installation and maintenance so that they can operate over a maximised lifespan. Many essential components, such as check valves and isolating valves, are integrated with the thermostatic mixing valve to reduce installation times and costs.  These additional components also aid in simplyfying maintenance procedures thus making our products highly cost-effective and dependable.


1927 Record Book

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